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Prices and ticket types

All visitors who pre-registered are allowed an Early Bird ticket and will receive a voucher. 

Unfortunately, also the ticket prices for AquaConSoil have increased due to increased wages and costs of the services we want to offer. We hope that you understand our need to adjust our ticket prices accordingly.

How does the ticketing system work?

It is possible to buy tickets for multiple people, and for the conference, but also for the side events such as the conference dinner and the excursions. Ticketing works in the following steps:

1. Buying a ticket

Via our website you can buy the ticket. Here you will fill in all the necessary information, which will also be filled in an invoice that is sent automatically to your email. 

All people who pre-registered will receive an Early Bird code, which can be used to buy a ticket with reduced prices. 

2. Paying the ticket

Payment is possible via Molly, using the following methods:

- Ideal, Creditcard

If payment is succesfull, these tickets will be available directly. You will automatically receive an invoice. 

- Bank transfer

You will first automatically receive an proforma invoice. Tickets payed by bank transfer will only become available when the payment is transferred and processed by our financial system. You will be updated once they are available. As Czech VAT rules require, your definitive invoice will be based on the the exchange rate at the date of payment and will be sent after the payment has been processed. 

3. Sharing the ticket

Once your payment is processed, you will receive access to the tickets. In this form, you will be able to fill in the email addresses of the colleagues for whom you have bought a ticket. You will receive a reminder if you do not connect the tickets to an email. 

4. Access the ticket (log in and personal page)

Once you have received the ticket in your email, you are also able to create an account on our website. In this environment you can access your tickets, view the campus map, get programme updates, etc. 

5. Using the ticket

At the conference we will scan the QR code, for which you will receive access to the conference or other activities, and a wristband for easy recognition. Enjoy! :)


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